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At MRG Technologies, we have Managed IT Services to meet your companies growing needs.

We want you to focus on what really matters: your customers. Let us take care of the rest.

Our Services


Cloud Services

To stay competitive, businesses must constantly look at how new technologies can enable them to be more agile, more efficient and more cost effective. Like taking advantage of new cloud technology that can both protect your business and drive it forward.

Our out-of-the-box cloud solutions deliver many advantages to keep your information technology centralized, consistent and current-while minimizing both capital expenditures and operating expenses. Moving to the cloud enables you to keep your growing infrastructure updated with the proper operating system and application software, servers, desktop equipment, and network devices at all times. Our cloud services let you work exactly as you do today-but even better. Your employees will be able to access the data they need from anywhere, on any device-with improved email and workplace productivity applications. All with improved security, daily backups and built-in data recovery safeguards to ensure business continuity.

Our cloud services are reliable, affordable and scalable for any sized businesses. Each month you will benefit from predictable budgeting and one point of contact for reliable service and support.

No longer is cloud-based IT a tool of big corporations. We make it easy to stay ahead of your competition and keep your business streamlined and secure.

Contact us to see how our cloud services can help your business right away.

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Cloud Benefits

  • Minimize IT capital expenditures
  • Reduce IT operating expenses
  • Applications can be out-of-the-box, niche or custom

User Application Benefits

  • Work exactly as you do today
  • Email and workplace productivity applications
  • Centralized, consistent and agile IT

Total Acess Anywhere/Any Device

  • Work where you are most productive
  • Access applications from exisiting desktop and mobile devices
  • No sacrificing on services

Uptime & Security

  • Fully redundant data centre guaranteeing 99.995% availability
  • Customized security policies for all employees

Disaster Recovery For Business Continuity

  • Data encrypted and securely stored
  • Automatic daily backups
  • SSAE 16 Compliant business process controls and infrastrucutre
  • Application and data always avilable from any location, any time


Desktop Management

Companies put a lot of focus on the health of their network, and rightfully so. However, it's just as important to make sure your computers are healthy, reliable, and ready to serve. After all, whenever a PC fails, workplace productivity suffers. Maintaining your computers can be both a cumbersome and time-intensive task. That's where our dedicated Desktop Management services can help. We offer a proactive solution that allows you to achieve maximum reliability in the easiest and most affordable way. MRG Technologies can help maintain your desktop workstations to keep your workflow uninterrupted.

We conduct a complete inventory of your software and hardware and deliver more peace of mind thanks to automatic patch management and ongoing anti-spam, anti-virus, and anti-malware updates. Through secure remote access we can address any issues that arise, with or without the end user being present. And any time you add a computer to your network, it is automatically detected and put under our care.

You'll get simplified predictable budgeting and have one point of contact for service and support. Software applications, license keys and hardware inventory are documented and tracked for access when you need them. If any issues arise, one of our dedicated support engineers can remotely access your network securely without you being present.

Our Desktop Management service is an easy way to boost your productivity. Contact us today to see how we can help keep your computers running strong.

Contact Us About Desktop Services

Program Highlights

  • Complete software and hardware inventory
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware with automated virus definition updates
  • Automated Windows patch management
  • Secure remote access to address issues identified through alerts; remote access can be done with or without the user present
  • Automated detection of new PCs added to the network so they're quickly under management and desktop maintenance; guest machines can be ignored

Server & Network Monitoring

Designed to suit any business, our Remote Monitoring System will monitor your network infrastructure to predict, identify and fix problems quickly and efficiently. We fully understand that if any critical device on your network experiences an outage, the lost productivity impacts your entire organization-and your bottom line.

Our engineers can pinpoint problems and resolve them remotely-any time, day or night, without any involvement on your end.

The MRG 24/7 Remote Network Monitoring service gives you peace of mind. We proactively keep an eye on your entire network to ensure that key components of your infrastructure are operating reliably from your Internet connectivity to your firewalls, email, web and file servers. Thresholds are configured for each device and an intuitive dashboard provides at-a-glance status of all the network elements being monitored.

Remote Management Services offers your organization a level of IT support that until now was reserved for major corporations.

Contact us today to see how we can help with our Server & Network Monitoring Service.

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Virtual Chief Information Officer

Let us provide you with our virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) service. Yes, the Think Virtual CIO is a live human being (supported by a team of experts and systems) who help align your business goals and IT strategy. The vCIO frees up your busy business executives from managing complex IT initiatives, creates an IT roadmap and strategic plan, and provides all the services you would expect from an in-house CIO without the cost of a full-time senior level IT executive. Are you a small or medium sized organization that doesn't have the resources and budget for a Chief Information Officer or Director of IT?

vCIO Services Can Include:

  • Technology Thought Leadership and Strategic Plans
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • IT Vendor Management
  • Compliance and Security Alignment
  • Annual Technology Reviews
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Development
  • IT Budget Planning
  • IT Staff Management and Professional Development

Your dedicated vCIO:

Each customer is assigned a vCIO as their point of contact for all things technology related. Your dedicated vCIO will work with you to ensure you are always kept informed of technology that could complement your business. As a part of your team, you are encouraged to meet regularly with your vCIO to review current I.T. challenges, goals, projects, and needs. Your vCIO has full authority to enable all resources to ensure that your team's technology needs are always addressed quickly and proactively. Your vCIO works closely with the our Network Administration team to identify business risk and ensure your I.T. becomes aligned with our best practices. Through regular audits and planning meetings, I.T. shortcomings are identified and brought into compliance.

Some of the primary concentrations of your vCIO are:

Nuture The Business Relationship

As a dedicated high-level technology professional, your vCIO will serve as your trusted advisor to all things IT. Your vCIO's purpose is to develop an understanding of your business goals so that he may properly recommend and allocate technical resources to position your business for success. This individual will nurture the relationship with you and your team to ensure positive interactions and long-term success.

Vendor Management

We work cloesly with your other technology vendors to ensure their products and services are delivered and maintained as promised. We also assist your team in obtaining quotes from multiple vendors for equipment and/or service expenses. By offloading these tasks to your skilled and knowledgeable vCIO, you free up your stadd to concentrade on your core business objectives. Rest assured that your technology expenditures are wll thought out and not overpriced.

Software Licensing & Compliance

As a dedicated high-level technology professional, your vCIO will serve as your trusted advisor to all things IT. Your vCIO's purpose is to develop an understanding of your business goals so that he may properly recommend and allocate technical resources to position your business for success. This individual will nurture the relationship with you and your team to ensure positive interactions and long-term success.

Project Management

Your vCIO will manage all your technologyu projects, ensuring that milestones are clearly defined and followed. Since your vCIO works daily with many c lients and vendors, he/she develops and maintains a deep understanding of technology products, services and solutions and is well-positioned to assist you in managing your technology projects.

IT Budgeting and Costs Containment

Your vCIO meets with you regularly to ensure your organization's IT budget is realistic and reasonable. With an eye on the big picture, the vCIO will assist you in determining which IT expenditures proivde your organization with the greatest return on investment. By bringing a comprehensive skillset to your oprganization, your vCIO provides you with a marked advanrtage to assist you in competing in your industry.

As you begin to work closely with us, we will prove ourselves worthy of your trust, ultimately benefiting from the talent and expertise of a qualified IT professional. Your team can truly rest assured that your technology needs are being given the apprpriate level of priority.